Tortilla Cream Cheese Pinwheels Roll Up Appetizer

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Simple roll up appetizers like these Tortilla Cream Cheese Pinwheels are easy to prepare, easy to customize and can be made by anyone.  Roll up appetizers are a great starter for casual gatherings.

VittleTip:  This is a perfect starter dish for children to learn how to prepare.  If your child can make a sandwich, they can make a roll up appetizer, especially when you handle the simple slicing and rolling.

For an appetizer that looks complicated, the real secret to a Tortilla Pinwheel or any roll-up appetizer is the right mix of flavors and presentation.

One of our favorites includes ham, peppers, olives and onion –with a few drops of hot sauce to enliven the cream cheese.



  1. Mix together the cream cheese, onion, green pepper, parsley, olives and hot pepper sauce. If the mixture is too thick to easily spread, add a dab of mayonnaise. Stir well.
  2. Lay out the flour tortillas.
  3. Spread the cream cheese mixture on the tortillas. Use 1/4 of the mixture for each tortilla and cover evenly.
  4. Top the cream cheese with the thin sliced deli ham. You can use more of less ham to suit your tastes and budget.
  5. Roll the covered tortilla up to a hot dog shape. Roll tight — not loose.
  6. If you have time, refrigerate for a while. You don't have to, but it makes them easier to slice.
  7. Get a sharp knife and cut the hot dog shaped tortilla into slices about 1/2 inch thick. Now, you can see the pinwheel design.
  8. Place on a platter and serve, or refrigerate until time for your party.
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