Tex-Mex Cream Cheese Dip

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Tex-Mex Cream Cheese Dip tastes fabulous, and it’s super simple to put together. Keep this zippy party dip simmering in a crock pot, and you can relax and have fun.

I made Tex-Mex Cream Cheese Dip for a Boy Scout pot luck dinner earlier this week. I was pressed for time, so this quick and easy dip was something easy that I could put together after work and send along shortly after.

My crock pot came home empty as usual, and my son said that his friends loved the zesty dip. I know this meaty dip is popular and works fine to send in place of a main dish, since it’s rich and filling. I mix it up and send it warm in a crock pot with a Tupperware container of Nacho chips.

I started thinking about the Mexi-dip last night, and I got up and made another batch. That’s one thing about making it for a party. It’s gone — no leftovers.

Tex-Mex dip can be mixed up and heated in a crock pot or if you need to have it ready quicker, melt it down on top of the stove and transfer to a crock pot to keep it piping hot.

1 8 oz. package of cream cheese 1 16 oz. jar thick and chunky salsa 1/2 lb. ground meat (beef, turkey, sausage)



  1. Brown the meat in a skillet and drain off the extra fat. Use a fork to break the ground meat into small chunks. For a milder dip, use hamburger, turkey or mild sausage. For a spicier dip, use hot sausage.
  2. Cut the cream cheese into chunks and put it in a crock pot or sauce pan. Stir in the salsa and meat and put the temperature on low until the cheese melts. Stir occasionally so that the dip does not stick.
  3. For mild dip, use mild salsa and for spicy dip use a hotter salsa. Do go with the thick style salsa, or the dip will be thin. It still tastes great, but it's hard to catch with the chips.
  4. Once the dip is melted down and looks like dip, it's ready to serve. Even when I make it on top of the stove, I generally put the dip in a crock-ette or crock pot to keep it good and warm. The low setting works great for that.
  5. For parties, I generally double the recipe. The basic recipe looks skimpy in the small standard sized crock pot. It's a bit much for the smallest size crock-ette (so I just add more as the level goes down).
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