Meat Loaf in the Electric Skillet

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Meat Loaf is a good old-fashioned southern staple meat dish. Meat Loaf is typically made in a loaf bread pan. Good stuff. But, Electric Skillet Meat Loaf is even better.

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  1. Mix everything except the ground beef in a good sized bowl. Then, put the raw hamburger in and mix. It's easiest to do this by hand, though it does not feel that special to squash up such stuff. Even if you use a fork or spoon to get it mixed, you're going to have to get "down and dirty" to make the loaf shape. Might as well go for it from the start.
  2. Shape the mixture up in a ball and then mash it down. It will look somewhat like a turtle shape at this point.
  3. Spray your electric frying pan with Pam or wipe it down with a little cooking oil and heat to 300 degrees.
  4. Plop your big meat ball in the pan and cover.
  5. Cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Yep. That's a long cooking time. But, I guarantee darn T that it's worth it.
  6. meatloaf_electric_skilletYou get a meat loaf that is absolutely orgasmic. Try it out. You'll be sold.
  7. This recipe will feed 8 normal people and 4 hungry people (like teenage boys). It's good served with mashed potatoes and peas. Of course, I'm talking about home mashed potatoes made from real potatoes and peas grown in the garden, but you can improvise and use the quickies on the veggies if you want. We cheat now and then but mostly cook straight from scratch.
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