Easy Fresh Strawberry Pudding

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Celebrate strawberry season with my quick and easy Strawberry Pudding recipe. It’s the perfect time to play around with these fabulous fruits that are healthy and yummy.

We live in strawberry country, so it’s family tradition to hit the pick-your-own fields and load up on fresh strawberries.

We eat the juicy berries right out in the field and then bring home baskets filled to overflowing.



  1. Get a large bowl or several small bowls (with items divided evenly if using individual sized bowls).
  2. Break the Angel Food Cake up in bite sized pieces and cover the bottom of the bowl. Then add some strawberries. Make another layer of cake. Add more strawberries. Continue until the bowl is close to full (about 1 to 2 inches head space). It works out best for the top layer to be cake.
  3. Mix up the instant pudding and pour over the cake and berries. Shake the bowl a little bit so the pudding runs down around the cake/berries. If it's not drifting down real well, get a knife and wiggle some holes for the pudding to slide down.
  4. strawberrypuddingSpread the Cool Whip on top of the dessert and put a few strawberries on top.
  5. Refrigerate the dish for an hour or two (at least) before serving.
This makes a pretty big batch of Strawberry Pudding and is good to take to pot luck dinners or family reunions. This is really easy to make and does not heat up the kitchen. It's also one that even little kids can make. They love to eat it afterwards too, and since it has strawberries and pudding (calcium), it's better for them than many sweets.
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